Pharmaceutical Companies Have Spent Billions

To Convince People That "Health" Comes From Pills and Shots and Surgeries.

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Most people want to be able to handle their own pain issues without expensive surgery, rehab or drugs with long lists of potentially dangerous side effects.

Why? Because Bill has been planning this BIG vacation or Debbie wants to return to the gym for her workouts or Alex just wants to be able to get down on the floor to play with his children.

Unfortunately, most health care providers keep you coming back by addressing the symptoms instead of the root cause of your pain. Doctors may suggest surgery even though it might not help.

Pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars to convince people that health comes from pills and shots, but the truth is that the current medical industry is a leading cause of death and illness in our country, according to experts.

Like You, We Are Frustrated by Doctors & Clinics That Prescribe Pills Without Knowing the ROOT CAUSE of PAIN

Nobody should have to experience and suffer with pain if there is a way to move through it. No medical professional should catastrophize you or your issue because it diminishes hope inside of individuals.

The more we understand where pain comes from, the better we can begin to tackle it to get to the root cause.

You may be wondering if you can afford our help.

What others in pain are saying

about our Pain Relief Therapy?

“I had gone to chiropractors on and off for a few years for the same issue that kept moving from one side of my upper back to the other. Who knows how much I spent. I think I saw Raeann two times for the issue before it was "magically" gone! Clearly, not magic, but knowledge! When I jammed my shoulder this spring, I got back to her as soon as I could. Because this injury was more significant, it has taken longer for my body to heal. After each session I've had with her this summer, I have seen great improvements in my injury within 2-3 days post appointment. Raeann knows how to help your muscles and nerves stop sending pain signals to your brain. She also is great about giving you exercises and stretches to do at home to continue the healing on your own.”

Kristina Eckstein

First, we have a FREE Offer in the form of a download of 3-Easy Techniques for Improved Health. These easy steps are something you can begin TODAY that will improve your life almost immediately!!

We also offer a FREE 20-minute demonstration of the therapy offered to give you a preview of advanced manual therapy at our Murphy location. It is also available the 4th Thursday and Saturday at the Dallas location.

Yes, it is interactive. Yes, it is manual which means hands-on. Yes, you will participate.

The next inexpensive method is to become part of our Membership and enroll in the course which teaches and explains where pain comes from as you may NOT be hearing this information from your primary care physician.

For example, pain science is a huge field, but the importance of applying the bio-pyscho-social concept is critical for transforming the pain experience!

What does that mean?

BPS concept means pain is interlaced with our biological self, our psychological self and our social self. You can’t separate them as they are all a part of us and our WHOLE body.

This membership/course teaches you that pain occurs when the brain perceives damage or the THREAT of damage to the body and wants action.

Over the course of lessons and videos, you begin to understand more about pain and injury and that YOU are STRONG and with this knowledge you can begin to solve this puzzle of pain.

This course should be part of a plan that mixes with lifestyle changes, general exercise, specific exercise training, manual therapy (ie. soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, etc.), graded motor imagery, goal setting and graded motor exposure (we gradually teach our brain those movements that it is currently resisting).

Research has demonstrated that it takes 21 - 28 days to create a habit

and 60-90 days to reinforce a new routine. Therefore, it may take the same amount of time to incorporate this new information you will now have about pain to integrate into your life and routine of moving your body.

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Download Your 3 Easy Techniques to Less Pain in 5 Minutes Now!

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us!

Interactive Advanced Manual Therapy is also available for you if you are unable to solve your pain issue on your own.

We have several options.

Purchase 4 (60-min) sessions for $347 (Murphy) or $395 (Dallas).

No package purchase ($95/session in Murphy; $110/session in Dallas) --> 11th session is FREE

30-min session - $55 (Murphy)

Referrals will receive $15 or $20 off next 60-min session

If you do not have pain, but want to recharge your body, Raeann Cain, LMT, MMP, offers Lymphatic Balancing, Total Body Balancing and Myofascial Release. These advanced manual therapies are designed to improve body functions to utilize the natural resources of the body to prepare the tissues and allow proper distribution of fluids, nerves and energy. This allows the body to work together as a dynamic unit. 

What others in pain are saying

about our Pain Relief Therapy?

“Raeann is highly skilled, positive, energetic and has been a huge help in working with me to relieve my back pain. I had been struggling and was stuck not knowing where to turn. I found a great chiropractor who helped, but I needed someone to take time to explain to me what the problem was and how to correct it. Since I started seeing Raeann my hope has been restored that I will continue to improve. If you have lost hope in finding relief from your pain, give Raeann a chance--I'm glad I did!”

Alvin Illig

“I had pain in my knee that was interfering with my daily life. After a session with Raeann the pain was gone. She really knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone who is dealing with any kind of pain.”

Janie Owen-Bugh

Download Your 3 Easy Techniques to Less Pain in 5 Minutes Now!

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us!

But wait, there’s more! 

We also provide videos of movements that you can perform at home to maintain all the range of motion achieved during a session!

More videos are coming as well! If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, for example, we will have videos of exercises for that condition to help alleviate that associated pain. 

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